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Women's Workshop Topics~
Debbie's enthusiasm and passion are ever present as she draws you in while she speaks and takes you on a journey through her testimony and challenges she has overcome herself.  She will have you engaged and you will be fully educated with new ideas to walk out the doors with to start to become a better you!

  • Visually Seeing the Woman I Want To Be! (Vision Boards Created)
  • How to Get Past the Hurts of my Past...How to Reinvent Yourself past the hurt
  • Life Changes through our Seasons and Events...Getting through them!
  • How to Enhance my Marriage and Relationships with Others!
  • How Do I Grow Spiritually, as a Woman, in Today's World?
  • Can Baking add more Joy to my Life?  YES...It Can!
  • And so many more topics!!!!!!
 Women's Workshops 
are on every 3rd Thursday
of each month!
Time:  6:00-8:00p.m.
228 N. Metzger Ave.
Rittman, OH  44270

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I am offering small group "IMPACT Sessions" at your home or business with your choice friends and colleagues! 
These are life-changing events and done in the convenience of your home or office spaces.
So...put some friends together and let's Power Start some inspirational and impactful change and positive in your world! 

Call me @ 330-475-6582.